Five SEO Hacks That Are Still Working!

Five SEO Hacks That Are Still Working!

Since the starting of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the entire landscape of the SEO has changed. There was time when you have to only create bulk backlinks from anywhere on the internet irrespective of the type of the website or nature of the website and you will achieve the high ranking. Fortunately or unfortunately, for the SEO expert like us now that is a history 😊. However, there are number of things that still work in SEO and they are here to stay. This is true that the strategy that works for some people doesn’t work for everyone. But in this blog we will try to know some SEO hacks or you can say strategies that still work and offer great success to different businesses.

Selecting the Correct Keywords:


You can ask any SEO guy and the first thing that any SEO expert wants to do is selecting the right keywords according to the business. Since the inception of the word SEO, keyword has been its integral part. So, start the game of SEO by doing the extensive keywords research work. You can use the keywords research tools such as Google keywords planner tool, Ahrefs tool and Cognitive SEO toll for identifying the correct keywords for your business. Always look for the keywords with high search volume and less competition.

Writing The Eye Catching And Search Engine Friendly Metas:

So, you have finished the keywords research work. Now, it is time to move to the second step and that is writing the eye catching Metas for your website pages. Metas are not only important for your website visitors but they are also important for search engines as Metas tells about your website pages to search engines like Google. Write attractive Metas of around 50 to 60 characters. You can use few keywords and your brand name in the Meta Title. But always remember to use keywords that are relevant to that particular page. Here is the example of good Meta Title and Meta Description.

Content Is King So Invest In Content:

Irrespective of the type of your business, content is one thing that can be the game changer for you. Well written and keywords rich content will always help you achieve the high ranking in the Google search result. Plan about your webpage content by selecting the relevant content along with doing the topical keywords research work. In topical keywords research work, we identify the long tail keywords that can be important for the business. You can use various tools for topical keywords research work one I use is cognitive SEO.

Image Alt Tags:

Image alt tags are extremely important in SEO and by writing the correct image alt tags you can not only optimize your website images but also your website pages and products. So, if you have a website with large number of images, does not forget to invest in writing the correct and keywords rich alt tags. The importance of image alt tags has ever increased after Google has started to show it in its image search result.

Get Backlinks from High PA and High DA Websites:


Once you have done with the above task, the most important thing that you need to do is invest your time acquiring the backlinks from high PA and high DA website. Remember that by getting backlinks from different high PA and high DA websites you can dominate the search engine ranking. Do not try to get lots of backlinks from one domain rather go for getting the backlinks from many different domains to increase the list of referring domains.
So, these are the few SEO strategies that are still working and will surely bring great results for your business.